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It started with this quote being levied at me. which led to not responsible for what people think but what you give them to think about and What you give power to and why people do things and consequences and on your mind leaves it in your heart and okay to be contradicting yourself and product of your thoughts and thinking for and thinking of and finding your own answers and how to remember to forgive.

All of these quotes about how one has to be willing to change because otherwise ... but the other side of this coin is Malcom X's stand for something and Miranda Lambert on respect and Caroline Kennedy on the difficulty of standing still in a crowd.

"You have to change with the times!" is often code for "I changed and I demand that you change too! You're keeping me down! My friends are laughing at me because you are so old-fashioned!" Change for me so I can feel better about having changed is the subtext.

Why can't you be secure in who you are that you don't change with the wind and your underwear? Or if that is the way you always were why did you ever behave differently and speak differently? "It's a trap, suh! There's two of them (in the same body)!"


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